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Why Do People Run After Fame instead of Purpose?

This is a very weighty question, yet the answer is so simple. People run behind fame because of the times that we are in. We’re a generation where everyone wants to be on display and exposed. No matter the consequences of who they hurt or stomp on in the process to get there.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe your purpose is not to be the next big thing, but instead being the best behind the scenes producer or the inventor/creator of something revolutionary?

What I’ve discovered is that purpose is a natural gift that is given to every human being from God. And what’s so sad, is that there are many people in this world who will never ever fulfill their purpose; because they’re so busy focusing on trying to be the next big thing or the next viral or internet superstar. But here’s the irony. If a person ran after their purpose like they ran after the fame that they so desperately desire, the fame would come to them.

With purpose you never have to explain that you are the next big thing or the most amazing upcoming star. Your talents and gifts will speak for themselves. In other words, your purpose validates you.Not everyone was created for the spotlight and if you look at some of the people who are in the spotlight today, they never should have achieved that spotlight. Simply because they weren’t created for it and they do more damage to themselves and others by being outside of their true purpose.But like I said earlier, we are a generation of showy individuals that want to be seen and heard.

The danger of walking outside of your purpose is that you disturb the design and the order of things .An example of Purpose vs. Fame – When you are younger you have very skilled hands. In fact your cutting ability is so unique and revolutionary that if its properly nurtured and cultivated, you could end being the doctor that revolutionizes surgeries without scars and much down time. But instead of running after that natural gift that you have, you want to become the star of some reality show that make you famous for being loud and that never showcases your natural skills.

Think about it if everyone pursued his or her God given purpose like they pursued fame, the world would be so balanced right now. It would be a shame for you to leave this world, and your legacy is nothing to do with your gifts. It’s just something to think about.

Love you bunches!

Akia Knowles

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