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There is NO Such Thing as a Job Beneath You!

There is no such thing as a job beneath you. The very job that you are ridiculed for may be your Golden ticket to success.

If I had a nickel for every time a person asked me, “Why aren’t you famous?” Or “Why haven’t you tried out for one of those talent shows?” Or “Why are you working as a hotel entertainer? You can be bigger that this!” I could go on and on with the amount of questions that I got in regards to my career choice, but my response has been and will always remain the same.

“I’ve had the opportunity to be famous. In fact I was signed to a record label, but I’m not interested in being famous. It’s not the lifestyle for me. All I really want to do is make my musical contribution.”In fact the most disrespectful comment I received was from a fellow musician who said, “hotel musicians aren’t real musicians and I don’t respect anyone who works as an entertainer in the hotel.” I’ve had people say to me that my job was beneath me. And I simple say “to each his own.” But what people failed to realize is that the same job that they ridiculed me for brought me greater success than I would have ever imagined. I was able to begin my production company and I met the majority of my clients through my quote and quote “beneath me” hotel gig.

My mom always said “out of my 3 children Akia is the humblest one” and humility is exactly what has brought me the success and the recognition that I am achieving today. If I listened to the voices of others about working as a hotel entertainer, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to produce the first hotel album “Dukes” and commercial for the Langham Hotel Shenzhen China.If I listened to everyone when they made their negative comments about working for hotels, today I wouldn’t be living in Shanghai working and living at the top 5 Star Langham Hotel. If I listened to people’s negative comments my face would not be in 60,000 Shanghai fashion week booklets. If I listened to everyone’s point of view and tried to pursue what he or she suggested I wouldn’t have my Akia Knowles Corp. Production Company. If I listened to people’s thoughts and opinions in which direction I should take for my career. I would be miserable having achieved nothing.

There is no such thing as a small job. And don’t allow anyone to make you feel like your job is insignificant. The same job that others despise will be the very same one to push you into your destiny.

Love you Bunches!!!


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