Akia Knowles

I’d describe myself as a simple Island girl with Very Big Dreams. In 2008 I took a risk by quitting my job and chose to believe in myself. 10 years later I still don't regret that decision, because I'm doing exactly what I love!" Taking risk conquers fear and in most cases if you remain consistent you'll fulfill your dreams.  I firmly believe that everyone should actively pursue their dreams and or visions; sometimes its easier said than done - but never stop trying.

"Music is the ultimate conversational starter. It truly connects people." 


Music has opened doors and opportunities for me that many could only dream of. At three or five years old (I can't remember) , my mom started giving me piano lessons. Ever the rebellious teenager, I quit at age thirteen and began focusing on other pursuits, but at sixteen, I came back to it and the rest is history.


In college, I majored in Music Arts. I graduated from College of The Bahamas with a degree in music and became a teacher for a few years. I absolutely enjoyed it but I still wanted more. Inevitably I decided it was worth the risk to pursue my dream and I've never regretted that decision. 

In 2007, recorded first album, "Intimacy with Him." 

In 2015, released the Single "Broken Hearted" featuring Sketch Carey.

In 2015, collaborated with the Langham Hotel Shenzhen and released the album "Dukes."

In 2017, collaborated with the Langham Hotel Shanghai and released "Akia's Christmas at The Langham."


Residency with the Ritz Charlton - Osaka Japan "2013"

Residency with the Langham Hotel - Shenzhen "2013 - 2016"

Residency with the Langham Hotel - Shanghai "2016 - 2020"

Residency with the Island Shangri-La - Hong Kong - Currently

Dear World: stick to your dreams! And don’t give up. At thirty I wanted to quit, because a decade had passed and I wasn’t having the success I hoped for. But I stuck out for a little while longer, and it was totally worth it. Reality finally caught up with the dream. Aspiring artists; believe and trust in God and surround yourself with a strong support system, family first. Your marketing and communications teams are also critical. Don’t run after fame, fame will find you. Jesus never ran after fame, it found him. Just be good at what you do, become the best at what you do, and fame will pursue you.

I’ve had a few encounters that made me respect what I do. I had a gentleman come up to me after a performance to tell me he had been contemplating murder suicide with his wife and the words and vocals of my song touched him. I was speechless. In another instance, a man told me he went from depression and thinking about quitting his job, to managing the company because he was inspired.


I consider my talents a gift and I feel extremely humbled that God entrusted me with such power.  

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